• The Design of an Uncommon Bakery

    Nestled in the downtown Thunder Bay, ON, Uncommon Baked Goods is like no other bakery. Tok Tok Home designed counters and cabinets that reflect the baker's vision.
  • Why Do We Love Minimalist Interiors So Much?

    Minimalism favours using just the essentials, creating a space where the quality of every element matters more than quantity. Furniture offers the greatest opportunity for implementing this style.
  • TOK TOK on Goods & Co. Podcast

    We had the amazing opportunity to share our story on the Goods & Co. podcast - from how we started, to what TOK TOK means, and how living in the north has inspired our designs.
  • What Makes Scandinavian Lounge Chairs So Iconic?

    We explore the industry’s top Scandinavian designs that inspired TOK TOK’s own Sibley chair.
  • Studio Garden Pop-Up Store

    At the beginning of September, we had our very first pop-up store in our studio. We teamed up with Eaten and Told and Pretty Fly Co. who brought our furniture to life with their products.
  • How plywood became a design material and changed the furniture industry forever

    Nowadays, plywood is a ubiquitous, often taken-for-granted material, but it has a fascinating past and present that we at TOK TOK value highly. Plywood helped to revolutionize the furniture industry throughout the 20th century because of its sculptural malleability. Likewise, with innovations that included medical supplies, aircraft infrastructure, and railway construction, it also became valued for its uniformity and durability.