Our Story

The story of Tok Tok begins in 2013 on the mediterranean coast of the Adriatic sea. This is the location of a small town called Koper with its narrow stone-paved streets and overarching buildings built by the Venetians. One of these buildings hosts an old carpentry shop outfitted with all tools of the trade imaginable and where three friends––Andrej, Matej and Martin––started hanging out after work.

Tok Tok Home Trio

What started as simple curiosity soon turned into passion, and they started putting their skills and knowledge to work trying to find ways to revive the old workshop. The trio set out to design and make custom pieces of furniture and other wooden products.

Tok Tok Home Ogler
Tok Tok Home Prucka

 One of these products was a passive wooden amplifier called Trobla. The creation of this speaker was a reaction to the ever-growing pile of electronic waste generated every year. Trobla was not made up of any electronic parts and did not require batteries. Instead, it amplified sound by using the laws of physics.

Tok Tok Trobla

In 2015, Tok Tok launched the amplifier on Kickstarter and it was a surprising success, even earning first page honours as Kickstarter’s Project of the Day. It far surpassed expectations and almost 1,000 units were sold in the first month alone. Fast forward to 2017 and 5,000 Troblas later, the three friends parted ways. Tok Tok was disbanded and the rights to Trobla were sold to a Dutch company that still sells the product to this day.

Through a series of events, Matej ended up in Canada, first in Vancouver, B.C, and then in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where the idea of restarting Tok Tok came to life. This time, there would be a focus on designing sustainable furniture for modern homes made in Canada. This new iteration of Tok Tok has two core members from the beginning: Matej and Martin.